Good advice is expensive for the daycare center

Good advice is expensive for the daycare center

The municipal council is at a fatal impasse with regard to the expansion of the after-school care center "garten eden". This became clear in the meeting on tuesday evening. Architect harald schramm presented the plans for a possible extension; in the same breath, however, kindergarten director doris luthner told the committee that the extension would actually be too small again in 2014 and that an enlargement of the planned extension would not be possible under building law due to the lack of clearance to the neighboring property.

After a 60-minute discussion of the basic principles, the only thing the board could agree on was that good advice is expensive. Before a fundamental decision is made, all possibilities are to be explored with the diaconia association, which is the sponsor of the daycare center.

Rudi gumtow (SPD) had requested – with the agreement of his colleagues – that the item be postponed to the non-official part of the meeting. Mayor gerhard schneider (CSU) asked for the architect to at least present the current plans. Harald schramm showed that it was only a matter of an extension of the after-school care center to a smaller facility. The minimum solution is supported and demanded by both the district office and the government.

The planned flat with about 110 square meters is to be built in wood stand construction, the pure construction costs amount to 199 200 euros. However, further expenditures are necessary for the foundation and the connections, so that the project will end up costing 296,000 euros.

Third mayor helmut fischer () spoke of good planning. Alfons lauterbach () raised the problem of the lack of parking spaces, which has already caused repeated trouble and complaints from the neighbors of the property: "has anyone thought about the parking problem??", he asked.

"Urgently in need of it"
Pastor michael krug made it clear that the extension to the after-school care center was urgently needed because the existing facility was overcrowded. Nevertheless, it must be understood that this is only a short-term solution.

For peter abmann (SPD), however, it was clear: "we are talking about an annex for 15 children, but we know that this will no longer be sufficient by the end of 2014. We have to talk about something completely different then."
The further discussion then pissed off deputy mayor harald peetz (CSU): "we are now blithely discussing it, although we have not publicly explained this point."
Mayor gerhard schneider said: "we have to think about completely different possibilities. We have the need, and now we are caught cold, because we have no solution. At the moment good advice is expensive for the community, also coordinated with the political development."

Rudi gumtow (SPD) recalled the initial position of the discussions, because initially it was only about a midday care in the lanzendorf school. Now the whole thing has got a certain momentum of its own. Gumtow: "i also can't understand why such a small extension costs 300,000 euros."

Affiliation with the school?
Kindergarten director doris luthner noted that it is also conceivable to separate an after-school group from the daycare center and, for example, attach it to the elementary school building in himmelkron.

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