“Istanbul homicide” to be filmed in thailand

This has never happened before: the "istanbul murder commission" is now investigating in thailand. The reasons for this include political developments in turkey, a spokeswoman for the ARD film subsidiary degeto told the german press agency on tuesday.

From 19. The protagonists of the ARD crime series will fly to bangkok on march for the filming of a two-part series. If the overall situation improves again, the series will return to turkey after the two-part trip to thailand, it said.

This thursday and on the 22nd. Marz will broadcast the first two already produced crime shows in the "istanbul homicide commission" series. In june and july 2016, they were already built in izmir instead of istanbul due to security concerns. All other 18 films produced before had istanbul as location. Still active as commissioner mehmet ozakin is german-turkish actor erol sander. With him in the team are further the actors sanchez oscar ortega and melanie winiger.

In the film "the last guest" this thursday (20.3 p.M.) commissioner ozakin must solve the murder of cab driver mesut demirci and german businessman andreas borchert in the coastal town of naki. What initially looks like a robbery with a fatal outcome turns out to be the precision work of a killer. But who was the attacker? Both had many enemies.

In the 20. Case of the series, "deadly greed," it goes on 22. Marz is concerned with the unscrupulous machinations of baulowen, who supposedly create earthquake-proof buildings, but are certainly only enriching themselves.

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