Nsu trial: court admits glitches in the drawing of lots

Nsu trial: court admits glitches in the drawing of lots

The new accreditation procedure for the NSU trial is also overshadowed by glitches and problems. The controversial allocation of places is once again before the federal constitutional court. Meanwhile, the munich higher regional court acknowledged errors in the seat allocation process.

On tuesday, the constitutional complaint of freelance journalist martin lejeune was received in karlsruhe, as the court confirmed. He had lost his reservation from the first accreditation procedure when the seats were redrawn on monday. The "world"-group and the "zeit" want to refrain from filing a lawsuit for the time being, in order to avoid the start of the trial on 6. May not be at risk.

Lejeune contends, among other things, that "the place is not simply taken away from journalists who were successful in the previous award procedure was allowed to. In addition, freelance journalists had not been sufficiently taken into account. However, the constitutional court had expressly opened up the possibility of the higher regional court completely reallocating the press seats. In the first run-up, no turkish media were drawn, although eight out of ten murder victims of the "national socialist underground" were included (NSU) came from turkey.

The higher regional court had given away the 50 media seats on monday, after the constitutional court had objected to the original allocation according to the chronological order of the requests. A notary did the drawing. On tuesday, the higher regional court admitted that the draw had been.

According to a report by ARD’s "tagesschau" news channel the MDR radio application accidentally ended up in the basket for the public television stations. In addition, there had also been the case of a freelance WDR employee who had not noticed that ARD was applying for the pool. According to bavarian television, he withdrew the application for accreditation. But his application still remained in the basket – and was also pulled. The WDR employee now wants to give up his seat. According to the "tageschau", a freelance BR employee also found himself in the position of a "good" or "very good" employee.De" accidentally in the lottery pot – but it had not been drawn.

"We have carried out this to the best of our knowledge and belief. And these two errors that have occurred are regrettable", OLG spokeswoman andrea titz told bavarian television.

"Time." And "welt" had – as had the berlin "tagesspiegel" newspaper and the "tageszeitung (taz) – legal steps considered. All came away empty-handed. "Time"-editor-in-chief giovanni di lorenzo, however, told radio station bayern 2 that any lawsuit would further delay the start of the trial. "We will do without (…) because there is a much greater good than our own satisfaction, namely that the relatives of the murder victims can finally attend their trial."

The editor-in-chief of the "welt-jan-eric peters, said that a later complaint was "because of the precedent character" by no means excluded. "The selection procedure of the munich court has revealed serious deficiencies with absurd consequences, which give us good chances in case of a lawsuit." The "tagesspiegel"-chief editors stephan-andreas casdorff and lorenz maroldt explained that they are considering a lawsuit. The lottery is unnecessary, its result laughable.

Some of the editors without a fixed reservation may still be able to report from the courtroom, because swapping is allowed this time. The dpa group, for example, makes one of the places allocated to it available to the news agencies agence france-presse (AFP) and thomson reuters for joint pool coverage. The online editorial office of the women’s magazine "brigitte wants to share its space with the magazine "stern" share. The straubinger tagblatt/landshuter zeitung newspaper group cedes its place to the AP news agency.

Lawyer angelika lex – who represents the widow of one of the NSU murder victims as a joint plaintiff – now fears a renewed postponement of the trial. "I find it very regrettable that we again have uncertainty as to whether the trial can actually begin next monday", lex told the bavarian radio station. The main defendant, beate zschape, is accused of complicity in the crime. Four alleged helpers and supporters are also accused.

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