The aikidoka does not want to destroy

the aikidoka does not want to destroy

Andreas laubert is a master of the emphatically defensive modern japanese martial art aikido. The aikido dojo leader from kulmbach has now proven this in premenreuth (district of tirschenreuth), where he passed the 3rd degree examination. Dan passed.

Laubert calmly and confidently mastered the extensive test program. With calm and harmonious movements the aikidoka convinced the examiners werner winkler and margret schels of his skills.
It was noticeable how much he has internalized the aikido principles and that his techniques are based on years of experience. Laubert has been training aikido since 1986, founded his own aikido club in kulmbach in 2007, passed the exam to become a 1st class aikido instructor. Dan 2005 and to the 2. Dan 2009.

In stiftland aikido, great emphasis is placed on breathing and concentration techniques. "It is not only about training the mind and developing serenity and harmony, but above all about "tracing the flow of the universal energy ki", so laubert.

The prufling had, among other things, the task of transforming various attacks of an opponent into throwing and holding techniques. He acted in a standing and kneeling position. He also had to counter aikido techniques with counter techniques and proved that he can deflect a wide variety of attacks fluently and harmoniously. He had to defend himself with stick and sword against blows and blows from the stick and sword. In defending itself against three attackers, it skillfully dodged and played the attackers off against each other time and again.

Weaponless against knife attack
In addition, his task was to defend himself unarmed against knife, sword and stick attacks. It is important not to fixate on the weapon, but to act with the necessary mental serenity and to neutralize the attack energy with a suitable technique.

Especially in the fight stick against stick and sword against sword, his many years of experience as well as his trained handling of the weapons was clearly visible.

Goal: to reduce aggression
Werner winkler congratulated kulmbach on passing the test and on his good performance. He emphasized that aikido is not necessarily about mastering hundreds of techniques. "The goal of aikido defense is to reduce aggression and to help the next person. The attacker is actually the one who is in distress. He only finds a way out of his distress through aggression. The aikidoka does not want to destroy or defeat the attacker, but to dissuade him from his destructive intention", emphasized the prufer.

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