The richest germans: stoschek climbs from 101st to 72nd place

The richest germans: stoschek climbs from 101st to 72nd place

Yesterday, the salespeople in the magazine stores at the kaufhof and the train station had to smile: "manager magazin" was on sale much more often than usual over coburg's store counters; to be more precise, it was the annual special edition of "the 500 richest germans". And of course most of them leafed through the pages very quickly, especially to see where michael stoschek, the chairman of the brose shareholders' meeting, was listed this time.

Spontaneous answer: in 72nd place. The somewhat longer answer: caution, this ranking list should be used with caution! For apart from the fact that the makers of "manager magazin even pointing out that the individual asset figures are estimates, in the case of the coburg company, something else comes into play. This is what the "manager magazin" had to say in the past, only the "michael stoschek family" last year's ranking gave them a fortune of 1.1 billion euros, which put them in 101st place on the list.

Other calculation basis
In the 2013 ranking, however, the business magazine refers to the "stoschek and volkmann families", the family of michael stoschek's sister was also added to the list. The result is a total asset value of an estimated 1.7 billion euros, which puts them in 72nd place, together with dirk robmann, the head of the drugstore chain, by the way.

But regardless of how reliable the figures ultimately are, what the business magazine writes in its analysis of the coburg entrepreneurial family is certainly interesting – even if it is with a sanguine undertone. For example: "the upper franconians did good business in 2012, their revenues increased in abundance. (…) by the end of 2015, they want to have collected at least five billion euros."

"Outstanding position"
And further: "the outstanding position is owed to michael stoschek, who took over the management of his grandfather max's metal factory in 1971 at the age of 23 and made it what it is today, with profits that he increased a hundred and sixtyfold." Since the beginning of 2006 stoschek the shareholders' meeting, at which his sister christine volkmann also had a "weighty say a say. The magazine scoffs: "he wears many decorations and medals of honor, but never at meetings and certainly not at the same time, because otherwise he could hardly rise from the table. "

As far as honors from the city of coburg are concerned, this does not apply. Here, michael stoschek was publicly honored for the first time in march of this year – as was christine volkmann – and named a "benefactor of the city" honored. The specific occasion was the spontaneous donation of five million euros by the two after the fire in herrngasse. And when it became clear after a while that – thanks to the insurance companies – this amount of money would not be completely needed for the victims and the reconstruction, stoschek and volkmann once again set a sign of solidarity with "their" project coburg: the three million euros that were still left over were to be used from then on for renovation work to preserve the cityscape. The distribution of the money coordinates the community townscape coburg.

In the past few months, numerous homeowners have already been able to enjoy cash injections for their building renovations. One million euros of the stoschek/volkmann donation, on the other hand, could not yet be used so quickly. For it is earmarked for an urban design of the access road to the schlossplatz underground car park. This is wanted above all by stoschek as well as by many traders and the IHK, but its construction is not yet in sight. The search for a private investor has so far been unsuccessful.

Kaeser in 188th place

Michael stoschek and christine volkmann are not the only people from coburg to be named by "manager magazin" in the current ranking "the 500 richest germans to be taken into account. So the kaeser family (kaeser kompressoren) appears on rank 188 (last year 178). According to "manager magazin their assets – as in the previous year – amount to 600 million euro. Again, the wirtschaftsblatt points out that these are estimates. Os

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