To narrow the gap between rich and poor

To narrow the gap between rich and poor

The main part of the election campaign takes place during the vacations – is that a blessing or a curse??
The vacation season makes it more difficult to reach people and talk to them. Also, the events on the occasion of the elections (for example, panel discussions) are rather poorly attended.
Whether this has to do directly with the vacation season or is due to a lack of interest on the part of the electorate, I cannot answer. But we have to get people more enthusiastic about democracy in general, and it is rather a hindrance if many are simply on vacation during the election campaign. Whereas, of course, political opinion-forming and dialogue with the people should take place independently of the election campaign.

What do you want to achieve in berlin for the region??
I would like to achieve that the region in bavaria has a better demand and a better quality so that it has better prospects for the future. This includes above all infrastructure projects. But also the demand gap to the new federal states must be reduced, so that companies invest again on the bavarian side of the former border region and create jobs or. Staying alive. And we must counter demographic change and create incentives for young people to stay in the region.

Where do you see the biggest challenge in the next legislative term??
To narrow the ever-widening gap between rich and poor and to make it possible for the socially weaker in this country to live a decent and reasonable life.

What makes politics so fascinating for you personally? From?
For me, politics is the opportunity to influence the social process to help shape. It's not about selling my own ideas and position as the best, but about implementing the ideas and wishes of the citizens of our region.

What's the best way to wind down after a long day or week at work??
With the help of my hobbies photography, music and couchsurfing

what three things would you take with you to a desert island?? And: what from our region were you missing most on the lonely island??
I was given bratwursts, semmeln and beer to take with me. I missed the kronach free push the most.

The questions were asked by oliver schmidt.

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