Trainee fair in bad bocklet

Trainee fair in bad bocklet

New this year is the trade show booklet with all the important information about the trade show. "The trainee fair is intended to provide a basis for the boss and management to get to know each other on a relaxed and easy level", explains florian grom, organizer of the trainee fair. Companies that cannot be represented at the fair can post open apprenticeship positions on a bulletin board in the entrance area.

On saturday, 18. January 2020 there will also be a raffle: auberdem there will be a raffle: are to be collected three points. The participants can collect these three points by speaking at the trainee fair. Everyone who takes part – even if they may not receive one of the three prizes – has won, because the speeches are always an enrichment.

The companies distribute stickers, which have to be pasted into the participation form after the speech. The winner of the first place will receive a voucher from an online retailer, the second place will receive a voucher from a drugstore and the third place will go home with a voucher that can also be redeemed at an online retailer. The idea behind the trainee fair is for the organizers to showcase the variety of professions in the region.

A job can be like a great love: once you've found the right person, you never want to let him or her go again. All the better to check in advance what exactly is the right thing for you. Putting skilled craftsmen in the office is just as out of place as sending office workers to the construction site.

The apprenticeship fair offers the opportunity to ask the companies exactly what the future apprentice will have to face. Is it a predominantly sedentary job?? Is one out almost the whole day? Working in a rough team or just with one or two colleagues? If allergies are present – also compare this with the dream job – or pay attention to whether the training company offers niche products.

There are, after all, pizza makers who offer gluten-free goods and are successful because of their flour intolerance. 

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