Trump administration fires entire aids advisory panel

Trump administration fires entire aids advisory panel

U.S. President donald trump’s administration has fired the entire previous weibe house advisory panel on HIV/aids issues, according to unanimous media reports.

After six members of the commission had already resigned in june in protest against trump’s health care policies, the remaining ten members had now received their resignation papers, wrote the "washington post" among others.

The announcement is effective immediately, the newspaper quoted an affected person, epidemiologist patrick sullivan, who was appointed to the board for four years under trump’s predecessor barack obama in 2016. It is known under the abbreviation PACHA, was launched in 1995 and advises the women’s house in the fight against aids. Members are volunteers and come from a variety of social as well as professional groups.

With their resignation in the summer, the members had protested, among other things, against trump’s attempts to abolish obama’s health care reform. Such a move would harm people living with HIV, one of the group of six, scott schoettes, told the "washington post". Overall, the trump administration has no strategy on the HIV/aids issue and is not seeking advice from auben.

According to the media reports, the white house argues that it is customary to change the composition of such advisory panels when there is a change of administration. But former members had objected: under previous governments, apprentices had been allowed to complete their designated time before being replaced. It was initially unclear when the committee would be filled.

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