Vorwerk discontinues thermomix production in wuppertal

Vorwerk discontinues thermomix production in wuppertal

Despite growing demand for the thermomix, vorwerk plans to discontinue production of the cake machine at its headquarters in wuppertal at the end of the year as planned.

From the new year onwards, the cake machines, which cost more than 1,300 euros, will only be manufactured in france and china, a company spokesman told the deutsche presse agency. Essential components for the thermomix – such as the motor or the mixing knife – were still produced in germany, however.

The announcement that german production would be scaled back had already caused a stir in summer. Vorwerk had announced a consolidation program at the time that would cut 200 of 2500 jobs in production and administration in wuppertal. In the meantime this had largely happened.

With the help of severance payments and partial retirement agreements, redundancies could be avoided with a few exceptions, the spokesman said. With the consolidation program, vorwerk had reacted to a significant drop in sales, which was also due to the fact that the thermomix was no longer selling as well as before.

In the meantime, however, the wind has apparently changed again. Vorwerk recorded strong international growth in sales of the thermomix, the spokesman said. Double-digit growth in germany this year, too.

But this does not change the plans to stop production in germany. Main location for thermomix production is france anyway. Traditionally, this is also where the equipment for the german market is produced. According to the company, the vorwerk headquarters in wuppertal mainly produced smaller numbers of pieces for individual markets with different current voltages or different plug shapes.

German production was set up in 2015 at the height of the thermomix hype to relieve the pressure on the main plant in france and shorten the then long waiting times for customers.

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