Zapfendorf: with michael senger, many things are different

Zapfendorf: with michael senger, many things are different

For many years, the meeting bell was in storage. Michael senger gives the bulky part a renaissance. Since the market town council sits far apart in the gymnasium, it needs a bell here, senger found. The 33-year-old is familiar with dealing with this type of situation. After all, he works as a sacristan in sassendorf, just as his great-grandfather did. He will continue to perform this service at the request of several people. As well as that of the local fire department commander. "I can’t abandon the defense now." Those close to him describe senger as both determined and conscientious.

Senger only entered the market town council in october as a latecomer for the sassendorf electoral community. Because he felt the electorate needed not just a mayoral candidate but an alternative in the municipal elections, he ran and managed to defeat the incumbent, albeit by a slim margin. He is also a little proud of the fact that for the first time someone from the zapfendorfer area is head of the town council.

The sassendorfer knows his way around town halls well. He started his administrative career in bamberg city hall and worked in erlangen city hall in the job center and, most recently, in the registry office. During his studies and in his daily work, senger has been able to gain an insight into many different areas. As a trained civil registrar, he is not only able to perform weddings ("the royal discipline"), unlike most of his mayoral colleagues, as senger says), but also carry out all kinds of notarizations, if it should ever be needed in zapfendorf.

Michael senger sees things pragmatically, even from a professional point of view: "many of the things we are implementing now are based on decisions made by previous municipal councils." Nevertheless, some things are going too slowly for him, which is why he now wants to move projects such as construction areas forward quickly. "We have quite a few – from those for which there are basic resolutions to those whose plans are already legally effective." Of course, he is realistic enough to know that implementation is also a matter of budget.

His overriding goal is to make zapfendorf attractive in the long term for its current population of over 5,000 in the nine parts of the community "so that people live here well and enjoy staying here." In the medium term, new business will be needed and existing business will have to be secured in the short term.

Many visits in the calendar

In order to be able to assess the situation, many visits are currently on the 33-year-old’s calendar. With companies and institutions, but also with neighbors. So with the heads of the surrounding municipalities. "I like to meet people in person" is his conviction. Because together we can achieve more. This is also important for zapfendorf because it does not have its own representative in the district council and is dependent on the support of its neighbors.

For his part, senger supports the faithful in sassendorf, because they have yet to find a new sacristan. And also the active ones of the local weir he does not like to leave in the abandonment, but in rest around a successor in the kommandantenamt sorrows. "Fortunately, we don’t have so many assignments." He decided to join the army at the age of 18 to help others and because the armed forces are also "the engine of social life".

The bachelor finds balance, support and peace – which is also important to him – in his family, i.E. His parents and his younger brother. He also appreciates the occasional get-together at the beer cellar. Zapfendorf’s new mayor enjoys being with people, both privately and professionally. And sometimes there are bells involved.

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